Chris Decock

Planworks Services:

Interior Design


Edmonton, AB



After completing a successful test refresh to the Hudsons Calgary Downtown location, the team was confident moving ahead with the next location on Bourbon Street at West Edmonton Mall. This location was unique in that it was located within a mall with limited visibility from the street. Our team worked tightly with the Hudsons marketing team to propose specific solutions to West Edmonton Mall that would allow the brand to be recognized from the exterior and from a further distance inside.

We provided renderings of the façade improvements and took advantage of the exterior portion adjacent the parkade to bring oversized branding and integrated lighting for more visual impact from the street entrance. We also completely transformed the mall interior façade to be consistent with the exterior brand of their stand-alone locations. It was important to maintain brand recognition, while still refreshing the fabrics, wall finishes and the feature bar. We wanted to ensure that the refreshed elements were consistent with the existing ideals of the brand.


  • Interior Design
  • Lighting Design