Dr. Mark Knoefel

Planworks Services:

Interior Design


584m2 (6290 ft2)


Edmonton, AB



The Oasis Orthodontics team strive to provide the highest level of safety while delivering effective and efficient orthodontic treatment. Our project team wanted to ensure this was evident throughout the clinic space. Emphasis on the ideology of ‘patient first and foremost’ was clearly expressed as the design direction from the outset. The aesthetic of the space was themed around nature, reflective of the Oasis brand, and included natural wood elements, murals reflecting nature and sky, and plush carpeting with a botanical twist. The first impression of the reception area is the vast bleach wood textural desk and greenery. The desk is clearly the central hub (trunk) of the space flanked by an ever-evolving living wall.

An Oasis as something that provides refuse, relief, or pleasant contrast — and this is how our design team began their strategy. Moving away from a static waiting area, we were able to combine the function and feel of a lounge blended with family friendly programming to ensure patient comfort.


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