WOW Lighting and Controls — Michael Begert

Planworks Services:

Architecture, Interior Design


15,000 sf (1350 m2)


Edmonton, AB



With 60+ years of industry experience, WOW lighting has developed strong partnerships with manufacturers and clients alike. The location of the building was critical in their new showroom selection. 124th street area is one of Edmonton’s thriving districts with more than 100 local retailers and restaurants. Planworks was inspired to create a space that would continue to build on this success and allow professionals to utilize their show room and meeting spaces as a HUB for education and innovation. 

Our design team worked from the onset to encourage the integration of gathering areas to include living rooms and centralized kitchen spaces. This created conferencing spaces, both casual and formal, encouraging employees to connect in a multitude of ways and resulting in a space centered around activity-based design.


  • Architecture
  • Interior Design
  • Retail
  • Workplace Solutions